Banana-Man is the creation of sweet-toothed entrepreneur Asher Budwig. Whilst on a volunteering expedition in Central American, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a frozen banana dipped in chocolate. I was certain I’d not seen anything like this before, and decided to bring the concept back to the UK.

Our first stall was born in London’s Camden Market back in 2009, and we’ve been fortunate enough to trade in a handful of exciting markets, as well as catering for a number of events and festivals.



The Philosophy

Banana-Man was born as a fun business, it’s an enjoyable product, that really makes you smile, and we embody that same culture throughout.

We aim to provide customers with a unique desert, with a personal level of service that makes a lasting impression.

Sourcing our produce

Fresh and delicious fruit is the most important part of our offering. We source our fruit direct from London’s markets, and enjoy selecting the best produce to offer our customers. Walking around the fruit market, is an experience that everyone should experience. During season we always opt for local produce.

Our chocolate is pure Belgian chocolate, and you can really taste the difference. All our deserts are finished off with a selection of exciting toppings which we select for their taste and quality.



Doing our bit for the Environment

When we started on our journey, we used to serve our chocolate dipped fruit on fresh banana leaves. These used to be flown over from the Philippines, were heavy to transport and consumed vast amounts of energy to arrive at our customer’s hands. We put our thinking caps on, and have now found a lightweight biodegradable bamboo boat, that we serve all our delicious deserts on.


Asher Budwig – TOP BANANA

Asher joined Banana Man back in 2009, and has been involved in the development of the concept to its present form,having worked within the food and retail industries during his university years. Outside of the Banana Man stall, you’ll find Asher juggling Banana’s and enjoying Mango dipped in dark chocolate, a seasonal favourite.


Batu Albany – BIG BANANA

Batu joined BananaMan early 2015, and is involved with the retail side of the businesses. You’ll typically find Batu behind one of our stalls or at our events ensuring our customers get the best experience and regularly tasting our chocolate to check its just right. Outside of the BananaMan world, Batu enjoys designing and building rope climbing robots!

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